I was a Swensons curb boy in the summer of 1953 before I went away to college.  As I went up to a car window to take an order, I looked in and in the center seat was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  I knew the girl sitting to her right, so I passed her a note asking her name. I was given her name and phone number, so I called her and made a date. We dated all summer long before I left for the University of Oklahoma in late August.  We saw each other many times over the next 4 years, but never dated seriously due to the distance problem.  I always wondered where she went, and one day recently I was able to contact her and we reacquainted after 51 years, and we married on April 18, 2010.

-Paul Battenberg

I moved here from NYC/Jersey a few years ago and I love Swenson's!
We have our share of burgers in that part of the country but your cheeseburgers, fries, everything on your menu is delicious and the prices, soo cheap! I try and watch my weight but on the weekend, you will find me at Swenson's.
When my friends come into town from Jersey/NYC on Memorial Day weekend, this is where we are going first. They are going to be thrilled. Before I moved to your area, I went to college in New Wilmington PA and we would drive about 2 hours for just Swenson's and I have been addicted since. You're tempting me now, maybe I will have to stop for dinner.

-Local Swenatic



I hate Swensons. And the reason I hate you is because I'm in the United States Navy stationed in Mayport, FL.  And right now I'm off the coast of Africa wishing I was in Ohio to have a Swensons cheeseburger.  I've been all over the states and all over the world with the Navy.  And I've tried every burger that people claim is the best.  But Swensons are hands down the best burgers I have ever had.  I'm from Ohio and every time I come home it is a must that I go to Swensons to get my triple cheeseburger with everything and a side of Tabasco with a side of deep fried mushrooms and a banana milkshake.  My wife was an In and Out Burger girl and she has since converted. I bet you never thought that your burgers would be longed for on the other side of the world.  Keep up the good work and I tell everybody that is coming in your area to check you out.  Wish I could have one.

Take care,

SK2 David Jurich


I absolutely love Swensons cheeseburgers. I live in Southern California and EVERYTIME I come home to visit, I have to have a Swensons cheeseburger, fries and drink. You are THE BEST! I wish you would build a Swensons in California! The BEST Burgers EVER!

MaryKay Keehn



The memories will last forever, especially the cold, winter evening trips to Swensons with my dad in North and West Akron during the late 80's to early 90's. We would make it a tradition to stop for three or four hamburgers, famous o-rings, and of course a large California before heading to a local high school basketball game. I hope to continue the tradition and one day take my children on a special trip to Swensons Drive In.


San Diego, CA



On June 11, 1966 my husband and I were married at Zion Lutheran Church in Akron. We had a very nice sit down dinner reception at our Church. However with all the emotions of the day, neither one of us ate very much. So after the festivities were over, we went to our apartment changed out of our wedding clothes and drove to your Akron/Cuyahoga Falls location and had our own wedding meal - delicious hamburgs, fries and milkshakes!

We have continued the tradition which will be 43 years this June. In fact on our 25th wedding anniversary we took my parents with us to your drive-in. So, once again we will be at your drive-in sometime over the weekend of our anniversary.

Of course, our anniversary is not the only time we enjoy the delicious food at Swenson's but it certainly is a good memory/tradition that we hope to continue for many more years to come!

Roger and Paulette Beal


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